The main area of activity is financial assistance to children from very poor families to pursue job oriented education after +2. Ardhratha Fellowship helps young people who have no other means at all to continue their education. Empowerment through education for improving the quality of life (self and the family) is the slogan of the Trust. Each beneficiary undertakes a solemn promise to help at least one student in poverty on his or her getting educated and employed benefiting Ardhratha Fellowship scholarship. 

The more fortunate and capable people in the society ought to be compassionate and concerned about the plight of the less fortunate and help them earnestly to change their situation for the better. This should be based on the real brotherly love that flows out from the spirit of universal fraternity. Every person ought to gratefully acknowledge the Divine grace and society’s role as the basis for his/her capabilities and attainments. So we ought to joyfully share our resources with those in need. Membership/ eligibility for Ardhratha assistance is just the socio economic condition of the family; caste or religion or denomination or any other label of this sort is never the criterion.

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